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Contest Home Rules & Forms The Prizes How To Enter

America's Top Dog Model ® 2017 Contest


Prep Your Pooches! Strike a Paws!  America’s Top Dog Model ® launches its 13th Contest!

Each year America’s Top Dog Model ® contest introduces an exciting new theme! Embracing our contest mission "to celebrate dogs that make a difference" in people's lives, the 2017 contest theme is "Celebrate the World."

During such a divided time, this is an opportunity to be a part of something that brings everyone together - America's Top Dog Model ® Contest.

Dogs bring people together by bridging differences. Dogs remind people that no matter how divided they are, humans share a common bond grounded on goodness and humanity.  


During this year's competition, contestants will have an opportunity to present ways to celebrate the world in which we live in. Entries should reflect their interpretation of inspiring ideas that "Celebrate the World."

The Prizes


The Grand Prize Winner will receive the following:

Finalists Prizes:

Eleven Finalists will be featured in America’s Top Dog Model ® Calendar and website. Finalists will also receive an autographed copy of How to Become a Top Dog Model and Pawz Dog Boots & Pawz Max Wax.

To enter the contest:

Entries may be submitted online or by U.S. Mail.

For the complete contest rules, see our RULES page.

"Celebrate the World"

Trixie, America's Top Dog Model 2007 Finalist