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Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, America’s Top Dog Model ® Contest is a national search for “top dogs that make a difference. ™” Now in its tenth season, the contest mission is to celebrate dogs that make a difference in people’s lives.

During the first America’s Top Dog Model ® Contest in 2005, we searched for “top dogs” with “fashion style.” Our fashionable winner and America’s first “cover dog” is Linda, a Deer Head” Chihuahua from Lighthouse Point, Florida.  She is the logo for America’s Top Dog Model ®.

In 2006, the theme for America’s Top Dog Model ® Contest was “Home is Where the Heart is.” The contest called for photos of stylish canine in a “home setting.” Our stylish winner is Mia, a miniature Dachshund rescue dog from Valencia, California.

The theme for America’s Top Dog Model ® 2007 Contest was “Travel with Style.” Our grand prize winner is Daphne Simone, an elegant, American Cocker Spaniel, who travels with style between her homes in New York City and West Palm Beach.

America’s Top Dog Model ® 2008 Contest theme was “Entertain with Style.” Top dog Maia’s winning photo portrays her celebrating Chinese New Year. This stunning Pug “entertains with style” in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  

 “Go Gorgeously Green” was the theme for 2009. America’s Top Dog Model ® eco-friendly contest winner is Dudley, a handsome Old English Sheep Dog from West Palm Beach, Florida. Dudley is an environmentalist who helps recycle and enjoys eating organic food. He stars in an episode of a British television series featuring Americas Top Dog Model ® Casting Call in Woofstock, March 2011, as part of Paul Merton’s Adventures in Miami. It is available for viewing on You Tube:

Paul Merton’s Adventures in Miami

Our 2010 contest theme was “Go Green with Style,” which continues America’s Top Dog Models ® mission to promote Green Living. America’s Top Dog Model ® 2010 competition combined all contest themes over the past five years: fashion, home, travel, entertaining, and sustainability, all rolled into one eco-chic lifestyle.

After a five month search for top dogs who are “living green,” Princess Giana was announced 2010 winner!  This stylish Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a licensed service dog who “Goes Green with Style” in Jamaica Estates, New York.

Princess Giana an environmentalist delights in eating organic food. Her mom avoids purchasing conventional pet food that is packaged in non-biodegradable materials and contain artificial additives. Giana is also a fashionista, who enjoys wearing stylish “green wear.” Whether it’s a play date at the dog park or a red carpet walk, Princess Giana always looks like a top dog model.  

We hope that America’s Top Dog Model ® 2009 and 2010 Contests will continue to inspire the world and encourage "greener living.” Together, dogs and their owners can make a difference in helping to save the planet we all share! Find out about ways to reduce your pooch’s carbon paw prints by clicking the "Green Page.”

America’s Top Dog Model ® 2011 contest was a search for “top dogs that make a difference.” The contest theme “Angel Paws” was inspired by our contest mission.

Dogs are known for their unconditional love, affection, loyalty, and lifelong companionship. Around the world, dogs are “making a difference” by enriching and maximizing the quality of people’s lives through positive interaction.

After a four month search, one angelic “top dog” and eleven heavenly finalists were selected. Our angelic winner is Hellen, from Homestead, Florida.

Hellen, who is blind, was rescued from the streets of Miami. She is a hero who makes a difference in people’s lives through volunteer work and special appearances to help raise money for the shelter that saved her. Her story of hope, survival, and the will to live is documented in America’s Top Dog Model ® 2013 Calendar.

In 2012, America's Top Dog Model ® Contest began its eighth competition. To celebrate this milestone, America was invited to vote for the 2012 contest theme. The theme chosen by America was Home Sweet Home! During this contest we searched for top” dogs that make a difference ™ in their home. Our 2012 Contest winner is Moo, a handsome Great Dane from Indianapolis, Indiana, who makes his home a “sweet home.”

America’s Top Dog Model ® 2013 Contest “Jet Set Paws” featured traveling with pets. National winner is Johnny B. Goode, an adventurous, Standard Poodle from West Palm Beach, Florida. According to his family, Johnny makes every trip memorable and enjoyable.  He is always ready to go, whether it's for a walk, a road trip, or a boat ride.

Johnny is especially fond of boating. He enjoys the breeze, the mist of the water, and riding the waves.  He loves to sit in a chair and reign over the seas, looking at the scenery, and he gets excited when other boaters approach!  Johnny is like a cruise director, always greeting and getting the party started.  He is fond of people and every interaction is an adventure, especially on the seas, where he is captain of the ship.

In January 2014, America’s Top Dog Model ® launched its tenth Contest. The theme “Healthy Paws” was inspired by the significant role dogs have played in improving human’s quality of life. Canines have assisted humans since the beginning of recorded history. They have helped us work, lifted our spirits, and provided companionship. However, it was not until the 20th century that dogs were officially recognized for their therapeutic abilities, community service, as well as medical and health contributions.

America’s Top Dog Model ® 2014 Contest “Healthy Paws” focused on how people and dogs keep each other healthy. Contest winner Rose, an adorable Teacup Poodle from Sharpsburg, Georgia, serves as a perfect example of a “top dog model” that leads a healthy lifestyle. Click this link to read about Rose and her family’s healthy regimen.

Congratulations and best wishes to all of the America's Top Dog Model ® Winners and Finalists. We appreciate the difference that you make in people’s lives.  

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My new book How To Become A Top Dog Model, which features America’s Top Dog Models ® is the complete guide for launching your pooch's modeling career.

Paws Up,

Jo Jo Harder

 Jo Jo Harder

with her Miniature Greyhound "Romeo"

- Creator -

America’s Top Dog Model®

 Photo by Jerry Lower


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