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   Twenty-five Ways to Reduce your Pooch's Paw Prints

Home Sweet Home

1.  Choose a pet bed constructed with recycled or natural materials.

2.   Clean your home with natural items like vinegar, lemon, and baking soda.

3.    Vacuum often using HEPA filter vacuum.

4.    Research alternative energy options for powering your home, like wind,   

       biomass, and low impact hydropower.

5.    Hand wash your dog’s clothes in cold water and line dry.

6.    Build your dog a green house made of recycled wood, non-toxic paint, and a roof top



Health & Grooming

7.    Feed your dog organic or natural foods.

8.    Try vegetable based dog treats to enhance antioxidants. 

9.    Fill your dog’s bowl with filtered tap water.

10.  Avoid conventional flea collars containing toxic chemicals.

11.  Ask your vet about natural parasite preventive products and repellants.

12.  Purchase preventive health products including, sunscreen, vitamins,

       allergy medications, dental care products, and aromatherapy.

13.  Use natural shampoos, conditioners, and other grooming products.

14.  Care for your diva’s teeth and nails with regular tooth brushing and peticures.


Retail Therapy

15.   Shop for doggy fashions in gorgeous, shades of green…the new black!

16.   Purchase dog collars in bamboo, cork, hemp, organic cotton, and other eco-friendly, sustainable, materials.

17.   Check labels for contents such as organic cotton, cashmere, wool and other natural fabrics.

18.   Surprise your pooch with a new bamboo feeder!

19.   Buy items with less packaging.

20.   Keep a reusable tote bag handy for all shopping trips!

21.   Shop local for all your dog’s needs.


Green Spaces

22.   Reuse, recycle, and reduce.

23.   Avoid insecticides during lawn care

24.   Pick up after your pooch using biodegradable wag bags.

25.   Use recycled pieces of rope as toys during off-the leash play time.

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