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Pearl’s Story

America's Top Dog Model ® national contest winner is Pearl, an adorable Pomeranian from White Bear Lake, Minnesota and Lantana, Florida. 

In Pearl's winning contest entry, her human mom, Cheryl Bauer shared her heartfelt story about Pearl's rescue from a horrendous puppy mill and why she feels a kinship to Abraham Lincoln. Following is Pearl's winning story:

Pearl's favorite president is Abraham Lincoln. She loves that he wrote two of history's most famous speeches, The Emancipation Proclamation act of 1862 enacting an executive action to abolish slavery in 10 confederate states. Then on November 19, 1863 during the Civil War, President Lincoln delivered The Gettysburg Address declaring, "All men are created equal..."

Pearl feels a kinship to Abe in his belief of freedom and his love of animals. Abe wrote, "I care not for a man's religion whose dog or cat is not the better for it... I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights..."

Since Pearl's freedom from a horrendous Puppy mill in April 2015, she has worked hard on her rehabilitation to assimilate into a world full of love, unfamiliar sights, sounds, and exciting adventures!

She has become an excellent role model for rescue dogs and is em"barking" on a campaign to promote humane treatment of dogs by:
1. Educating children and adults how to safely approach and interact with dogs.
2. Help politicians write effective laws to protect dogs from abuse.
3. Assist in training other dogs to be good canine citizens and possibly become Therapy dogs or Service dogs. ©

We are honored to have Pearl represent America's Top Dog Model ® organization. She serves as a perfect role model for rescue animals and she is a top dog leader that makes a difference.


Congratulations and best wishes to America's Top Dog Model ® 2016 Contest winner, Pearl and her family.