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The theme for America’s Top Dog Model ® first contest in 2005 was “fashion style”. Fashionable winner was Linda, a “Deer Head” Chihuahua from Lighthouse Point, Florida. She is the logo for America’s Top Dog Model.

In 2006, the theme for America’s Top Dog Model ® contest was “Home is Where the Heart Is”.  Mia, a miniature Dachshund rescue dog from Valencia, California was crowned national winner.

“Travel with Style” was America’s Top Dog Model ® 2007 Contest theme.  Winner Daphne Simone, an elegant, American Cocker Spaniel, continues to travel with style between her homes in New York City and West Palm Beach.

America’s Top Dog Model ® 2008 Contest theme was “Entertain with Style.” Top dog Maia’s winning photo portrays this stunning “Pug “ entertaining with style” in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


“Go Gorgeously Green” was the 2009 contest theme. America’s Top Dog Model ® eco-friendly contest winner is Dudley, a handsome Old English Sheep Dog from West Palm Beach, Florida.

In 2010, the contest theme “Go Green with Style,” continued America’s Top Dog Models ® mission to promote greener living. This competition combined contest themes over the past five years: fashion, home, travel, entertaining, and sustainability, all rolled into one eco-chic lifestyle. After a five month search, Giana was announced winner!  This stylish Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who is a licensed service dog, “Goes Green with Style” in Jamaica Estates, New York.

Inspired by America’s Top Dog Model’s ® contest mission, the 2011 theme was “Angel Paws.” After a four month search, Helen, from Homestead, Florida was crowned angelic winner.

In 2012, America's Top Dog Model ® Contest began its eighth competition. To celebrate this milestone, America was invited to vote for the contest theme which resulted in “Home Sweet Home.” Contest winner is Moo, a handsome Great Dane from Indianapolis, Indiana.

America’s Top Dog Model ® 2013 Contest theme was “Jet Set Paws.” National winner Johnny B. Goode, a Standard Poodle from West Palm Beach, Florida was chosen for his travel style, adventurous attitude, and spectacular contest photo.

In January 2014, America’s Top Dog Model’s ® tenth contest “Healthy Paws” focused on how people and dogs keep each other healthy. Contest winner is Rose, an adorable Teacup Poodle from Sharpsburg, Georgia.

America’s Top Dog Model ® celebrated its eleventh contest in 2015. The contest theme "Helping Paws" embraces America's Top Dog Model ® contest mission to “celebrate dogs that make a difference in people’s lives." National contest winner Peaches, a very helpful Yorkshire Terrier from Lake Worth, Florida, is a certified pet therapy dog for Share-A-Pet.

To celebrate the election year, the theme for America's Top Dog Model ® 2016 Contest was "Meet the Paw-litician." Contestants were selected on their leadership qualities and best portrayal of their favorite politician, including presidents, first ladies, and prominent political figures, past and present. "Meet the Paw-litician" 2016 national winner is Pearl, a Pomeranian from White Bear Lake, Minnesota and Lantana, Florida.

America's Top Dog Model ® 2017 contest theme was "Celebrate the World.”  Contestants were selected for their creative ideas, heartfelt stories, and best portrayal of celebrating the world. Meet our 2017 winner Lily, a Maltese from Barrington Hills, Illinois and Wellington, Florida.

America's Top Dog Model ® 2018 contest theme was "Hollywood Paws”.  Contestants were selected for their style  and ability to make a difference in people’s lives.  Our 2018 winner is Missie, a Boston Terrier from Mendota, Illinois.

Meet America’s Top Dog Model 2019 national contest winner Moto Girl, an adorable Chihuahua, from Bend, Oregon. Our contest theme was “America’s Top Pup Stars.” Contestants were selected for their star qualities, winning stories, training, and best thought out photographic portrayal of the contest theme “Pup Stars.”

Presenting America's Top Dog Model 2020 "Fairy Tails" Contest winner Shai, an elegant Afghan Hound from Rancho Cucamonga, California. Her winning photo and fairy tail "Big Red Riding Hood," will be published in America's Top Dog Model Book of Fairy Tails.

America’s Top Dog Model ® 2021 contest was inspired by the vintage style of America’s most dramatic and elegant eras. Contestants were invited to step back in time and imagine their dog’s style in the 20’s, 40’s and 50’s, and then reinvent it for today. Introducing Mia, America's Top Dog Model 2021 "Vintage Tails" national contest winner, an adorable West Highland Terrier from Atlanta, Georgia.

Congratulations and best wishes to all of the America's Top Dog Model ® Winners and Finalists. We appreciate the difference that you make in people’s lives.

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Welcome to America’s Top Dog Models, recognized internationally as a premier top dog brand illustrated by style, elegance, and glamour. The brand was established in 2005 by stylist, producer, and pet lifestyle expert, Jo Jo Harder who adores her Italian Greyhound Romeo. Jo Jo believes dogs are the extension of family and they should be treated as such!

With Jo Jo’s passion for fashion, it was the stylish canines of South Florida that got her attention and prompted her to pen her first book, Diva Dogs: A Style Guide to Living the Fabulous life.

Inspired by Romeo, the author thought it would be fun to have a contest to go along with the book. This way, people everywhere can celebrate the incredible union that we share with our canine companions. Thus, America’s Top Dog Model ® national contest was born. Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, America’s Top Dog Model ® contest mission is to “celebrate dogs that make a difference in people’s lives.”