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“Mia came to our life 3 years ago, after the passing away of our black Labrador named Luna,” related Juliana. “Luna was a rescue dog and she provided joy to our lives for 14 years. I felt my life was missing something, even with my 3 little Yorkies which I love dearly. My mother would always show me the Cesar’s commercial and expressed how much she loved the dog on TV, and would love a dog like that one day. I started looking for breeders in my area, and then we found her at a breeder in South Georgia on Christmas Eve 2017. My husband and I have doted on our little girl from day one. She loves to play with her brothers and keeps my mom company while my husband and I are at work.

She is an emotional caregiver for my mother. Although Luna’s memories will never die for my mother, Mia has made many memories and has brought laughs and many smiles to mom. Mia also volunteers to teach other dogs how to be an exceptional watch dog by barking at squirrels, birds, chipmunks, people, and anything in the neighborhood that passes by.

Mia with her little round eyes, wet nose melts our hearts with her sweetness every day. My husband and I have watched her grow and enjoyed each step of her life, adventures. We learned that she enjoys all toys related with fast food, and that her favorite times are people and squirrel watching from our window and modeling. We never thought she would bring that much joy into our life. We are very blessed in having her in our life.

Mia started her modeling career right after Covid-19 hit the United States. Having to work from home led me to discover many things I didn’t know about Mia, the brothers, and myself. I learned that my passion (in addition to my dogs) is photography, and this I would not have discovered without Mia. She loves fashion and has a special sense of style in clothes; she loves to pose for pictures and will give her best shot as long as she doesn’t sniff squirrels.

In Mia’s winning photo she is wearing a beautiful vintage style gown. The dress is made of crystals with lace around the back and fur neckline. Mia necklaces and her head piece complete her elegant, romantic, style. You see her watching through the window, maybe waiting for her Prince Charming to arrive and take over her heart.”

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Meet America’s Top Dog Model®

2021 Winner “Mia”

A West Highland Terrier from Atlanta, GA

Photo of Mia by mom Juliana Acosta