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Meet Moto Girl, America’s Top Dog Model® 2019 national winner from Bend, Oregon. In Moto Girl’s winning contest entry, her human mom, April, shared her heartwarming story about how they became a family:

My husband and I wanted to bring a Chihuahua into our home.  I was inquiring about the breed but was not yet ready to find our forever dog.  One day, a lady called, asking for us to give a puppy a home.  The puppy's family had a health emergency and could no longer care for her. She thought that we would be a perfect match for her.  We went to see the puppy that day and instantly fell in love.  Now Moto Girl is our family and we couldn’t imagine not having her with us.  She has stolen our hearts, and she is the star of our home. I would never have thought that such a big personality could be in such a tiny dog.


Moto Girl has a drive to learn. At nine months old, she has passed basic obedience and she is now working towards earning her Canine Good Citizen Certificate. In addition to being a quick learner, Moto Girl is clever, sporty, loving, loyal, and a fashionista. When she gets dressed up, Moto Girl is a show stopper. She has a graceful prance, much like a model walking the runway.  Moto Girl was definitely born to be a Pup Star!

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